Welcome to our webpage.

We are a wholesale production nursery supplying good garden centres, landscape professionals, and local bodies throughout New Zealand with top quality nursery stock, and top service.

Our range includes Camellias of many types, standards, espaliers, hedging, Rhododendrons, Deciduous Azaleas, Evergreen Azaleas, Deciduous Magnolias and Michelia.

We spend most of our effort growing the best plants that we can, and providing top service. To that end we will not be spending a great deal of time updating this webpage. If you have any queries, please contact us by mail, phone, fax or email:

394 Marshmeadow Road, RD6
Hamilton, 3286, New Zealand
Ph +64-7-824-1775, Fax +64-7-824-1629

Camellia 'Transtasman'

Rhododendron 'John Bull'

Michelia 'Maudiae'

Camellia sasanqua 'Setsugekka' hedge

Rhododendron 'Bumble Bee'

Michelia 'Figo' Standards as a pleached hedge

Deciduous Azalea 'Delectissima'

Evergreen Azalea 'Hinodegiri'